Spin the Wheel and Land on a Fixed Number

Aug 23, 2020

Hello E-Learning friends, 

I'm a newbie to this community, but have been learning a lot from you guys! I just had a question about creating a kind of "wheel of fortune" with numbered questions, but I just want the wheel to land on a fixed, different number each time learners spin it.It doesn't need to randomize the numbers. 

It should be a simple thing to create, but I'm just not sure where to start.

Any ideas? 


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David Tait

Hi Michelle,

When you say you'd like the wheel to land on a fixed number, i.e. not randomised, does that mean that you'd be happy to have a pre-determined question sequence that is the same for every user, every time they play your game? For example, questions 1, 5, 4, 8, 2, 9, 10, 3, 7, 6 are always drawn in this order, or would you want the order to be different each time?

Also, do you envisage using a question bank?

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