Creating the iPad style e-learning courses with Storyline

Apr 28, 2013

I am always looking for new ways to improve my learner's experience by making the most of emerging technologies such as HTML5 and thanks to storyline for enabling me to produce great looking HTML5 courses. After spending some decent time with storyline i have created a sample course with an interface specifically customized for iPad. 

I feel the default skin/theme of storyline is good for PCs but when it comes to iPad we can do a lot of magic with it's potential and tweak the output for iPad.

Please check out my post about this (the course link is in the post)

Creating the iPad style e-learning courses with Articulate Storyline

I am planning to share this 'style' of courses (tweaked for iPad) with my colleagues and i am interested to hear the perspective of this community about this course!

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Phil Mayor

Thanks for your post, If the intention is to use this through the app then I would be more inclined to use the built in gestures for navigation.

If it is to be used in HTML5 then some of the player is going to be visible, I feel it would be better to look at Apples human interface guidelines and replicate this on the iPad rather than adding another layer of navigation.

if I was going to utilise this type of design instead of using each corner I would look to building a toolbar, perhaps in the top right corner.

thanks for posting, I agree that the current player is not fit for purpose on the iPad, I also agree that designers could/should look at targeting the iPad for usability when using storyline.

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