Creative Navigational Tour Ideas


I am new to eLearning and I am currently working on creating a nagivational course tour for one of the projects I am working on.  The purpose is to give learners who are new to our course a brief overview of the different navigational functions available to them on the Articulate Player (i.e. previous, next, play/pause, menu, etc.)

My client wants met to make this "tour" interactive with the learner, i.e. requiring them to click on items before they progress to the next navigational function.  Since (to my knowledge) I can't track or progress the slide forward based on the learner actually clicking the menu, glossary, volume (etc.), I was wondering if anyone has or has seen any interesting navigational tour options.

Right now, the only thing I can think of is having one of the photographic characters point in the direction of the navigational function being explained and have a text bubble pop-up near the button. The learner would then have to click the text bubble to proceed to the next navigational feature.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciate! Thank you! 

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Jan Vilbrandt

If your client wants to have an interactive tour you may create a dummy articulate player within the articulate storyline course.

Make a snapshot of one (or more) of your course and use hotspots for navigation and mouseover effects for explanation.

Another possible way:

Create a short video with articulate storyline by recording your screen while you navigate through an example course. Make some explanations in textboxes and the lerner can click through your tour.