Cropping an audio track

Jul 25, 2012

After I add a 5 minute audio track I will often crop it so that it is shorter lets say to 1 minute. My problem is that when I inserted the full audio track it pushed the end of the timeline out to 5 minutes and now the slide duration is 1 minute but the end of the slide is still out there at 5 minutes.  Other than manually dragging the time back from 5 minutes to 1 minute (with a lot of scroll action) can I trim the end bar to the end of the actual content or a specific time.

Any help is appreciated.


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Bruce Graham

Hi Ed, and welcome to Heroes.

I have found this too under exactly the same scenario.

I do not believe that there is a way to have the Timeline "autoset" back to the length of the longest object in the way that you describe.

If there IS a way to do it I would be very interested, however, the old "manual drag" seems to be the best way to achieve this at the moment.

See you around the boards.