Crossword Puzzle in Storyline - help! :-)

Nov 09, 2022

I have created a crossword puzzle in Storyline. However, when users enter the incorrect answers, the submit button doesn't work. I have it set up so that when the value of the Text Entry on each box is not equal to it set value, then users should be taken to incorrect layer once the submit button has been selected. When in preview and the values are not equal to the set value, the submit button doesn't seem to work (doesn't take users anywhere). I have attached the project to this forum. Would anyone be able to help?


Also, i have added a re-set button, do anyone know how i would set it up so that if the re-set button is selected, all of the text entry boxes return to blank?


Thank you in advance for your help :-)

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Daniel Canaveral it looks like the main culprit was the trigger tied to the TRY AGAIN layer.  Conditions were set up with AND, which meant the TRY AGAIN layer would only show if one (and only one) specific scenario occurred. That scenario would be the user entered the wrong letter into each and every field. If even one was set to the correct letter, then the trigger would break. By utilizing OR in your conditions, then you open up all possibilities.

Some other things to consider when troubleshooting would be to name your variables accordingly, and double-check the "ignore case" setting when placing conditions. For example, the "s." condition was set to case sensitive.