Cue Points and Layers in SL2

Aug 23, 2018

I have audio on my base layer and need to create different layers to match this audio.  I am wondering why my timeline from the base layer does not match they other layers when I try to create cue point.  My cue points from my base layer, never match my cue points from the other layers an I end up guessing at what points to start the next layer after each one.  Any suggestion to take out the guess work of cue points between layers? 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Crystal,

It sounds like you're wrestling with syncing elements on slide layers with audio on the base layer. I'm happy to help!

First, are all of the cue points on the base layer, or have you placed some cue points on slide layers?

Also, have you created triggers to "Show layer when the timeline reaches a cuepoint"?

If you don't mind sharing a sample of your file with me, I'll take a closer look!

Crystal Villareal


Thanks for all of the help  I am not able to create accurate cue points on the slide layers for the audio because I am unable to hear the audio on any layer besides the base layer.  If I could hear the audio on the slide layers, that could possibly fix my issues. However, the audio is only audible on the base layer. 

Please advise on the "hows" of sharing my file as well.

Thank you so much for the help!

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