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Feb 02, 2021

Struggling with a cue point behavior.

I have a video that I want to display questions at two points in the video.

I have two different cue points, one for each question. When the video/timeline reaches that point, it pauses, displays the appropriate question layer, the layer hides after answering, and the video restarts on the base layer... all good. These are cue points 1 & 2.

Then I made it more complex, maybe unnecessarily. I added two buttons, one for each review question that display under the video. I also added two new cue points (cue points 3 & 4; 3 just before 1, and 4 just before 2), one before each of the above cue points. So when a user clicks button 1, it jumps to the timeline just prior to interactive question 1. All good so far. These buttons have other behaviors/states to indicate whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly, so I'm not really wanting to remove them.

The problem... When button 2 is pressed, it should jump to cue point 4 just before the question at cue point 2. What it actually does is display the layer for question #1 first, and when the user closes that layer... it then moves to cue point 4 and the behavior then works correctly.

How do I correct/fix this behavior of displaying the first question, when I don't want to?

Also note that it does this no matter when I click button 2 on the timeline (timeline is before or after the first question this happens).

Thanks for any help.

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Ren Gomez

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that helpful description of what you're experiencing! You may be running into a bug we currently have where a trigger will get executed when you skip any point in the seekbar after that trigger, but I'd like to have our support team confirm that it's related.

Can you upload your .story file in a case using the link below? Thank you!

Submit a case here.