Cursor in a screen recording

Aug 28, 2015

Hi All,

I added a video recording to my Articulate story using the in-built 'Insert > Record Screen' option. I'm sure when this finished recording and I was asked whether I wanted to include cursors I un-checked the box but now I can see that the mouse cursor is still there. I don't really want to have to re-record the whole video. Does anyone know if there a way to go back and remove the cursor as I can't find it in the video options and it just looks a bit random sitting there?!

Any help would be gratefully received, thank you!

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Casey Lentz

Not exactly. I am referring to when you "Share Control" with someone in a TEAMS Meeting. They are provided their own cursor but next to the cursor is a small circle with their profile picture on it (to show that it is not the "main user's" cursor). The "hide cursor" function in Storyline hides the actual cursor fine, but the circle is still visible in the videos. The problem is that as the cursor moves around, so does the circle with the face on it. Your suggestion of adding a shape does not work here since it moves along with the cursor. Unless there is some way to "pin" the shape to a moving object in the video.