Custom Audio Buttons

Feb 14, 2019

I like to setup my CBT lessons in the full screen mode without the large borders around the active screen.  I eliminate the standard navigation buttons as well as the seek bar that eat up too much real estate. Here is an example my custom buttons used in the full screen mode.  Are there any other methods available to accomplish the same results?

Thanks, Vic

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Victor Madison

Thanks for the reply.  The thin blue border is OK with me.  I setup the "Chromeless Player" and the slide screen seems to be floating in the middle of the display screen.  So the thin border gives the slides some defined area to be displayed.  The ideal setup would be to have the slide background all the way out to the monitor's edge.

The primary feature of my design is that the custom buttons are inside the border and do not create a restricting border around the outside of the display area like the standard navigation/audio buttons do.

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