Custom button states are clashing


I have use two buttons A & B in my file. A is custom button I have created & B is default storyline button.

when I am trying to roll over button A then normal state and hover state for that button are clashes. but same thing I am trying with button B then it works perfectly fine. what should I do to avoid clashing of states in custom button. I have attached story file.can anybody suggest me?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pranali,

Thanks for sharing your file here - I took a look and I see the behavior you shared in regards to the "artifact" of the normal state being left over while the user is hovering. I looked at everything you had set up and it all looked as it should - so I tried to create a similar looking custom button in a new .story file and I wasn't able to recreate the behavior. I'm curious if you could tell me the steps you took to set this button up and also, please ensure you're following these guidelines here in regards to working with your .story files:

Pranali Chaudhari

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reply. I have follow the guidelines that you have mentioned .

I have created custom button by using following steps :

1. I have created the default storyline button.

2. then after I have updated the graphics of that default button with transparent .png file.