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I'm creating a sales training with Storyline and part of the training will be a kind of simulation of a conversation between you (the seller) and a customer. You two will have a conversation and several times there will be a pause where you have to choose what to say next. There is always one "correct" choice and two not so great choices.

This simulation need to be graded (collect points for correct answers) so I was thinking of using "quizzing - graded - multiple choice". But the design with radio buttons is just so wrong. My client is really modern and innovative so I need to have control over the graphics so the training looks awesome. Kan you choose other objects to be the "answers" in a quiz? Like textboxes.

Or is there maybe a variable that gives you points? That can be connected to a "result slide" later?

Here is an example from the walking dead - the game, where you make choices in a conversation, like I want to do. Could I have this kind of design?

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Antony Snow

Hi Therese and welcome to Heroes

Instead of using Multiple Choice or Multiple Response question types, you could use a Pick One and Pick Many slide instead. These can be selected from the 'Freeform' tab (Insert Slide > Quizzing).

These question types allow you to select objects as the correct answers.

Sarina Niebuhr

Hello everyone,

I've got a similar problem. Scenario:

There are three answers, but no right or wrong answer. All of them are right, more or less.
I would like to give each answer a different number of points (Answer A = 1 point, Answer B = 2 points, Answer C = 3 points).
Theese points will be evaluated at the end of the training: all points are summed together and this score will be send to the platform/LMS. For this I can use a simple result slide.

So how can I create a variable, which will track theese points and submit it to the result page? Or is there a much more simple solution?