Custom fonts not displaying properly in a course based on a content library template

Apr 27, 2021

I hope there's a simple explanation / fix for this before I have to try and convince my IT department to make company wide changes to the security policies across our browsers... or spend days rebuilding a course...

I'm using one of the Content Library templates, and changing the font family to our brand fonts. When it's in edit mode in Storyline it's fine

However, when it's in Preview, or published to Review the title font changes

and in Review, some users are seeing this

all the letter 'f's have disappeared and the font is completely different.

I found this article in the support pages, but what I want to know is if this is actually related to the template?

I have used the brand font for lots of courses in the past, but rarely use a template. I only did this time because it's a big course and wanted to save a bit of time. 

I checked the font family with a non-template slide and that's fine

Convincing the IT department to make the browser changes is going to be challenging to say the least, so what I want to know is if there's anything I can do with the template to fix this, without having to rebuild the whole thing with 'blank' slides?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Helen!

It sounds like you're running into font issues in Preview and Publish. Is this the only course that you're seeing letters missing? Or is this happening with other courses as well?

We'll need our Support Engineers to step in and help determine why the font isn't displayed correctly. You can connect with their team in a support case.

Dale Perry

I didn't have problems with missing letters but I did have problems where a word would truncate right in the middle of a letter when building the slide. It worked fine when previewing or publishing the slide but I only got half a word when building the slide. The fix was selecting Design, Fonts, and then deselecting Use Modern Text. Something to try.

iQ Performance and Development

Hey Lauren,

This is the only course it's ever happened with, and as I said I normally build from scratch but decided to use a template from the content library for this one, hoping to save a bit of time...

I've rebuilt the same slide on a clean template - the one of the left - and as you can see it's displaying perfectly. The one on the right is in the Illuminate template.


Becca Levan

Hello Helen!

Thank you for those extra details, and I'm happy to hear you found a workaround!

We're happy to dig into this further with you and help determine why fonts aren't showing up correctly in the template. Please feel free to connect with a support engineer for help troubleshooting: