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Aug 04, 2016


How do I get rid of bottom space which comes when you select volume control in course. I put the volume control button up in actual course UI with modifying player.css. But unable to get rid of bottom space.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance



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Amey Sawant

Hello Deepak,

I suggest you take a look in Storyview at the player properties and make sure all Prev / Next / Submit options for all slides are unticked.

I checked your image, it makes me to think there might be a tick on somewhere that is making an allowance for the spacing.

More likely a submit button in a quiz question.

Deepak Mohite

This is not the case. I have publish the course with Volume Button (ticked) only that's why this bottom space is occurred. Later I have changed the position of Volume button through CSS but bottom space remains as it is. So now I have to modify the CSS in such way that bottom space will also reduced.


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