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Jul 09, 2015

I came across a bit of navigation issues with the default player nav set up (like the previous button going to the last slide visited, not the previous slide in the hierarchy for example...), and I come to the conclusion that I may just want to make my own custom navigations. With some quick playing arounds, I managed to figure out that I can create my custom navigation menu with hyperlinks as a separate layer on the slide within the slide master function, but I had a few questions. First off, is there a way to change the hyper link color or shading of an active page? Say if I'm on page 5, and the user opens up my custom menu, I'd like a visual indicator to say that the user is on page 5, like a different font color and background color, much like a website. Is there a way to make that possible without copying my custom menu layer to all slides? As a web developer, it was always class names with custom CSS, would there be something similar within Storyline? I'd love to be able to create something custom to gain as much real estate as possible with my courses. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jonathan,

The hyperlink color is controlled by the theme colors - but it's semi limited in terms of what you can change. Instead of using standard hyperlinks you could always look at having buttons - and then control the colors of those buttons using the states. 

Hope that helps - and I know there are a lot of great samples in the community of custom menus, so maybe a bit of searching you'll find one you can customize! 

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