Custom Next/Previous button issue

Oct 18, 2013

I have created some custom Next/Previous buttons in my slide master. They are set to go to the next/previous slide when clicked. However, I have to have multiple scenes in this projects. The next/previous buttons do not seem to go to the next scene's first slide when you are at the end/start of a scene. How do I make this happen and still keep my buttons in the master slide. I do not want to have to bring them into each slide. That would be very arduous to keep up with.

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Phil Mayor

Next slide trigger will not jump scenes.

You either need to build conditional triggers onto the slide master (perhaps set a T/F variable at the end of ech scene which has a trigger to jump to the next scene based on that condition.

Or you need to add them to your slide, I keep custom buttons on the slide as they are more flexible

Phil Mayor

The next slide trigger never knows it is at the end of a scene so this is what always happens with that trigger (master slide or not) because we can now branch to where we want and potentially scenes run out of order it is difficult to determine which slide is next at the end of a  scene, it may be a feature request is needed, but I see this as the point a designer/developer intervenes with a solution. I can see problems arising with adding any automatic function where hidden slides are mistakenly  made visible because of preemptive branching.

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