Custom "Next/Previous Slide Keys" don't work after clicking a button

Oct 21, 2015

Dear Community,

I have a problem and I hope someone can help me. In my course, i installed prev and next buttons on every slide (in the master) with triggers, that learnes can just push the left and right arrows to jump between slides.This works quite good except the slides i have different layers and buttons on. As soon as I click a button on a slide, the left and right arrows don't work anymore.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

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Delete Thisshit

I put two buttons in the master slides. Each triggers to jump to the next or previous slide as soon as the user presses the right/left arrow key. It works just fine but there is one problem. As soon as you click on a button to trigger for example another slide layer or anything else it doesn't work anymore.

Example: When you press the right or left key on the slide "first step" in the course it works. But as soon as you click on the "Explanation" Button, it doesn't work (for this slide) afterwards. When you click on the next button and return with the previous button again to the slide "first step" it works again. 

I have the feeling that the right/left key triggers are somehow disabled as soon as you click on a button on the slide.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andreas!

I see your off slide buttons on the master slide now. You have them set to jump to next slide or previous slide based on left or right arrow.

Your course seems to be made up of state changes and scenes. The jump to slide will not work to jump to another scene. I'm not sure I understand the navigation intent of your course.

It works in the 'first step' because that's the scene with a subsequent slide. 

Delete Thisshit

Hi Leslie,

thank you for keep trying but I still think we have a misunderstanding here :) the scenes which are accessed trough the menu are normally also filled with slides, I just had to remove them due to copyright reasons. when you jump from one slide to the other in one scene, the slide buttons I inserted in the master slides work. I can jump from one slide to another by pressing left or right arrow.

But... If I have buttons on a slide, for example to show different slide layers or play an audio file (like on the slide "first step") and I press this button to trigger whatever, afterwards the slide triggers for left an right arrow somehow don't work anymore. When I jump to another slide using next/previous button (works as always) and go back to the initial slide, the right/left arrow slide buttons work again.

So my question is, why are the right/left arrow slide buttons don't work after I clicked on a button on the slide? 

Note: This error occured on any other slide as soon as I clicked a button on that slide, I just left one example slide in the course because I think it is a common problem and the fix for one slide would fix it for all others.

I hope I could explain the problem properly! :)

Thanks for the help!

Leslie McKerchie

Now we are getting somewhere Andreas and I am understanding your report. Thanks for the further explanation and your patience.

We do have some issues regarding key press triggers that our QA Team is working on. Keypress triggers are working the first time, but not after.

I will add this thread for our team, but can you first verify which Update to Storyline 2 you are utilizing? We are currently on Update 7.

Would you be able to share your file privately? Our team could sign an NDA if needed.

Richard Karel

No worries, Andreas!  I'm also finding that this works much better in IE 11 instead of Firefox.  In IE 11 there's no need to click the screen to move focus to the content prior to using left and right arrow keys to navigate. In Firefox, I have to click on a menu item for the left and right arrow key presses to start working. Also, have you deleted the buttons on your slide master and moved those triggers associated with the buttons to the slide master itself?  Did the attached file help at all?

Richard Karel

Great to hear! Yes--Chrome 46 and IE 11 are working fine as far as the focus issue. Firefox 42 is "requiring" that I click to set focus on the module prior to key press navigation working.  Here's another test file attached that can serve as a guide for key press navigation between slides and scenes. Page Down key will move between scenes. And here's the URL:


Yoyo Gee

Hi Richard and Andreas,

I stumbled on this thread when searching for tab and Next/Previous button functionality in Storyline. We are trying to create a fully 508-compliant course using Storyline and are researching some of the issues. One thing that we would like users to be able to do is navigate using the keyboard only. I noticed in your example Richard that you can nicely tab into each item on the page including the menu items (by clicking the down arrow) but for some reason clicking the enter key to select a menu items does not work. Do you know how you might get this to work?



Kristen Llobrera

Hi Richard,

I'm having the same issue as Yoyo. I can tab into the menu and use the down menu to highlight items in the menu, but I haven't been able to actually get into the selected menu item. I've tried both the "enter" key and the right arrow key, but nothing happens. 

I was also wondering how you set the focus to the browser (i.e. able to tab directly into the file). You've talked about how it works better in some browsers, but yours works for me and in the same browser (Chrome), this other demo I found does not.  Do you know what you did differently?

Thank you for your help on this! I wish Storyline had more resources to help make courses 508 compliant (hint, hint, Storyline!!).

Kristen Llobrera

Hi Richard. I used the tab button until "next slide2c" was highlighted, but wasn't able to actually access that page (unless I used my mouse to click on it).

I thought that I was able to access your example without having to first click on the browser, which is what I was hoping to accomplish. To be truly 508 compliant, shouldn't you be able to use only a keyboard to get the file going?

karen forkish
Leslie McKerchie

We do have some issues regarding key press triggers that our QA Team is working on. Keypress triggers are working the first time, but not after.

Hi Leslie,

I know that this thread is 3 years old, just wondering if there are still known Keypress trigger issues when a trigger works the first time, but not after?

Specifically, I have set up certain keys to move forward and back in a course, for keyboard navigation when someone can't use a mouse to click on the PREV and NEXT buttons. It works great in Chrome, but in IE11, it works once, and will not work on the subsequent slide without clicking on that slide with the mouse.

Have you heard of this happening? I have Storyline v3.18.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Karen!

Hmm, that's not ringing a bell, but I'm curious to know more about what you're seeing. 

Can you either share a sample of your project file with me or help me create a sample that matches yours? Screenshots of your trigger panel would be super helpful. 

I'll run some tests in Internet Explorer 11 and let you know what I find!

Daniel Brugman


I have a course that has previous and next buttons installed on each slide.

Have created trigger for next so that the user has to listen to audio narration before hitting next.

ie. when the user clicks the next button or swipes next if variable 1 is equal to true (etc)

This WORKS fine.....however if the user clicks previous and goes back to another slide....the NEXT button doesnt work anymore......

Is there a fix for this so that the user can either reactivate the timeline or that they can go forward?

Any help would be appreciated.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Daniel!

It sounds like you want to restrict the next button until the timeline ends on each slide. However, if the learner goes back to a previous slide, the next button should be active so they don't have to view the entire slide again. Is that right?

If so, you actually don't need any special triggers or variables to set that up. All you need to enable is restricted navigation, and Storyline will do the rest. 

Check out the restricted navigation feature, and let me know if that would work for your project!

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