Menu Player and Next/Prev Arrows

May 31, 2023

Hi! I have a storyline file that has a main menu with buttons that have states and triggers to navigate the content sections, the file also has the Next and Previous arrows displayed to help navigate throughout. Each section is its own scene. I also have the menu on the player left side. However, although the training works correctly while using the previous/next buttons, when I use the left side player to go to different slides/scenes it does not work as I expect it to. For example, if I click "Next" it might not take me to the next slide based on the one I am currently on (same with previous) but at times it does. Overall, it is an inconsistent issue. 

Is there a way to ensure that the menu player and next/prev arrows work correctly together? 

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Joe Hauglie

Keep in mind that the sidebar menu is entirely configurable by you. It is initially set up to track at the slide level and so when you are building the scenes, you (very likely) are also creating the menu order that will appear in the player. In other words, the initial menu order reflects the slide and scene order that it sees *when you are building the course,* not necessarily what you want to publish.

With that in mind, here's two suggestions. 

1) Rebuild the menu according to what you want to publish. This is easy - use the "Reset from story" button - lower-right-hand side of the Menu options in the Player.

2) Then, use the rest of the toolbar to move pages up/down, make them higher/lower priority, or delete them altogether. You can even (manually) create sections where you want the users to go, and then point these sections to correspond with the actual navigation that you want in the course.

Hope this helps -