Buttons move during browser window resize

Aug 21, 2018

When we run an Articulate Sotryline 2 created course in any browser with the player properties as shown below, and the window is resized, the built-in player hotspots for all the buttons (Menu, resources, navigation, prev/next) move towards the center of the screen. So, for exampple, clicking on the next button does nothing but clicking on the "prev" button activates the "next" hotspot. Clicking on the space left of the "prev" button activates the "prev" hotspot. Maximizing the window does not put things back the way they were.  Is there a configuration that is not being set correctly? We are forced to lock the player at optimal size and some students find it to small to see on their big monitors.

Player Image

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steve!  I made a quick demo course to try to reproduce this behavior, and after resizing the screen in Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome, my player buttons still worked as expected.

  • Can you share a link to your output that is behaving that way?  If you want to keep it private, use this link.
  • Also, if you can let me know what browsers you're testing, and whether Flash Player is enabled, that would be super!

I'll be standing by!

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