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When I publish to web, I have to scroll down to access the Prev and Next buttons.  The Browser settings are set to: Display at user's current browser size, Player size  lock player at optimal size. 

What are the appropriate settings for the player to fit any browser window and not have to scroll to the prev and next buttons?  

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Harshad Joglekar

Hi Jeanette

We have some application simulations inserted in our storyline course. These are separate storyline file that we first published and then inserted them a web objects in our course. For these app sims, I have kept the following settings -

1. Resize browser to optimal size

2. Lock player at optimal size

(as we want to display the app sims in their original size).

When I inserted these appsims as web objects, I wanted to open them in a separate browser window. I have kept the 'Window Size' as 'Full Screen' in the 'Insert Web Object' box.

Now when I run the course on my machine or even view it on LMS on my machine, it runs perfectly as required, i.e.,

1. The appsims open in separate window with the size mentioned in their story size.

2. They occupy the entire screen area of the new pop-up window.

3. They open at 100% zoom so the seekbar is clearly visible.

However when our client tries to view them on their machines, both locally and on the LMS -

1. Some appsims open full screen as separate pop-ups (by full screen, I mean like completely occupying the desktop area. And not the size mentioned in the story file).

2. They appear much bigger, hence they have to scroll down to view the seekbar.

Can you advise why this might be happening? Is it anything to do with our client's computer resolution?

Thanks in advance.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harshad,

This thread is a bit older, and Jeanette is actually no longer with Articulate.

You mentioned you're also viewing the elements from your LMS so I suspect the screen resolution of your client's computer may be playing a role in this - or any browser settings they have in terms of how elements scale. Also, do you know if they're viewing it within the same browser as you're using? You'll want to ensure they're viewing it in one of the supported browsers here and to help them gather some other browser data you could use a site such as to gather that information.

Stefano Posti

Hello Harshad,

please be aware that browser security settings and Customer's Lms Player settings can really be different and lead to not desiderable results.

As a first course release to my customers, I still In this late 2014 use the publishing options described in Jeanette's post.

Then we go tuning, according to IT policies and popup allowances, and republish the course with the best possible result.

hope it helps,