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Oct 07, 2020

Hi everyone, 

I am making a simple game for kids learning Arabic in Storyline 360. Learners have to choose the correct sentence that matches the picture on the board. For every correct answer they will get an acorn (see the image below) and a cross if they get it wrong.

I was thinking of doing it using a "correct" variable for each question. If they answer right, the variable is set to "true" which in turn changes the states of the acorns on the board. If they get the answer right the "right" state of acorn shows, and if they get the answer wrong the "wrong state" of acorn (which is a red cross) shows. 

This part is simple. But I also want to randomize the questions, so I will need to use the question bank. What I can't understand is  how can I have my acorns show "right" or "wrong" for randomized slides?

For example, without the randomization, for the first acorn I can check if the variable "firstQuestionCorrect" is true or false. and I can display the acorn accordingly. But when I randomize I won't know which question has been submitted so I can not check the corresponding variable.

I hope I am making sense. And that someone would be able to help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Jerry Beaucaire

Perhaps a numeric variable would work better.  Score1 = 0 as default.

Every question then has a trigger to add 1 to Score1 when the answer is correct.

All the acorns have a trigger to "Change the state of AcornX to "right" when variable Score1 changes and the score1 is >= X.

So the first one changes when Score1 >=1, the next when score1=>2, etc.

This should be easy to manage and scale.

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