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Mike B.

Thanks Ashley. It looks like this could be done pretty easily in javascript, so I'm going to have to go down the road of learning more of that again. I think the user in that thread is looking for a custom "seek bar" whereas I'm looking to have a "search" feature that works in both Flash and HTML5. Beyond bug fixes this should probably be at the top of your dev's list, as having a major feature work in one output format, yet be completely missing in another format is a little odd. I believe I've already made the feature request in the past.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Mike - I won't tell you where to find any best practices about Javascript, but instead just wish you well on setting this up. ;-) 

I know that continuing to ensure HTML5 has feature parity with Flash is a top priority for our team, so thanks again for keeping us honest in continuing to pursue that.