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Apr 19, 2016

Is it possible to make a lightbox that is a different size than my regular slides.  Also it is possible to not have the master slide apply to it, or at least apply a different master slide to it??


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Thanks so much for reaching out! May I ask if you have had a chance to consider any of the options or suggestions presented in this discussion? While there is not currently a way to customize the size of a lightbox, you may find some ideas that could work for you!

And of course, I encourage your fellow community members to share their input here, as well!

Steve Urena

Thanks Christie!

I have since figured out that I can use a slide layer on the Master Slide to make something like a custom lightbox.

To give you a little bit more information, I am trying to replace Storyline's built in menu with a custom one.  The slide layer concept is working out really well. I am attempting something similar to this, but now I need to figure out how to make collapsible/expandable menu items.  If you have suggestions on that, please let me know.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- While I will defer to your fellow community member to share specific ideas and recommendations, I did want to note that with respects to the menu, it might be worth taking at look at the contribution over here: 60+ Inspirational Examples of Custom Menus in E-Learning #79. 

And if you need additional design advice, you're welcome to post your question over in your Building Better Courses forum, too!

Steve Urena


I checked your link, found some cool stuff.  I abandoned the idea of collapsible/expandable menu items, and I am trying to do something more like the one I mentioned in my previous comment.  Now I am having trouble getting my menu to recognize the "active screen". I want it to be highlighted in the menu, but it's not working the way that I would like it to.  Any tips?

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