Custom Storyline Keyboard Stickers

Sep 23, 2014

I just finished a small project and thought I'd share.  The photo below shows my keyboard's number pad, tricked out to run different Storyline commands.  My ten-key typing skills are nonexistent, so I wrote an AutoHotKey marco to let those keys control alignment, distribution, stacking order, and grouping.  I bought blank color keyboard stickers online, and a co-worker drew the icons on the stickers for me.  

I'm planning to leave the enter key blank because I use that key for temporary macros since it's usually closest to the mouse.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the insert key.

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Sharon Huston

Hello, Rob!  The attached AutoHotKey file has align/position macros for Storyline and also for PowerPoint.  

You'll need to change the #IfWinActive line.  The ahk_class seems to be different on every computer.  There is probably a better way to deal with this, but so far it hasn't been enough of a hassle for me to figure out a better solution.

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