Custom submit button not triggering state changes in Freeform D&D #2

Feb 13, 2015

Hi All,

I am having an issue with using a custom submit button triggering a state change on my objects, using the freeform drag and drop.

I have looked through the forums and found these previous articles, but my problem seems to be a further development.

I am able to get the custom submit button to change the states using the inbuilt drop correct and drop incorrect if there is one object.  However, when I group two objects together, say a picture with a caption (this is the requirement of my e-Learning), and move the object to the hotspot the in-built functions only appear to work if the in-built submit button is used, not the custom one which matches my overall design.  Furthermore, if I then un-group one of the objects, the custom submit button works again!  I am very confused as to why this may be the case. 

I have created a smaller version that recreates the issue.  Feedback is appreciated.

P.S.  I am aware of a work-around (mentioned above) but would like to know if I have found a bug or whether I am missing a blatent tick-box or settting somewhere!  Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Nick!

 You can create the grouped object, right click and save it as a picture for each State, then insert the images you save into the states. Grouped objects cannot have state changes.

Attached is one slide from your file. Orange is an inserted image, i did not change Blue, but both are working with your custom submit button.

Nick Lupton

Hello Emily,

Thanks for the reply.  I was trying to avoid saving all the grouped objects as images.  

I have tried adding the captions onto the various states, which works fine when the answer is correct.  The object changes state as expected.  However, when the answer is incorrect only part of the object changes state.  

Seems like a bug in there somewhere...

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