Custom submit button not triggering state changes in Freeform D&D

Aug 15, 2013

I am creating a Freeform Drag and Drop screen and I am having trouble with a custom submit button.

If I use the standard player submit button, the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states change as expected when the submit button is clicked. If it was dragged in the correct spot, it turns green. If it's not, then it turns red.

If I use a custom button to trigger the submit interaction, the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states on the dragged items do NOT change to their appropriate states. They just stay at their normal states.

Why don't they work the same regardless which button you press? I am literally just changing the button to press in the trigger and it doesn't work.

Perplexed. Help.

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Garth Yorko

I have a way to do what you want.

I used the standard states Drop Incorrect and Drop Correct.  I made those states exactly like the Normal State.  I created 2 custom states, RIght and Wrong.  The right is green and the wrong is red.

I added a submit button and converted the slide to a free form drag and drop.

The I added some triggers to my Submit button.

The first submits the interaction

The next changes the state of drag object 1 to Right when the uer clicks the submit button IF the state is Drop Correct (see below) 

Then I just another trigger to change the state to wrong when the user clicks the submit button IF the state is Drop Incorrect

I did this for each drop item, it seems to wirk as you want it to.

File attahced.

Garth Yorko

The sequence of the triggers is sometimes important.  They occur in sequence from the top of th elist of triggers to the bottom.  If a trigger fires, for example a change state trigger, before he submit interaction trigger, you may not get the exected result.

It is hard to troubleshoot without seeing what you have, if you can upload your file, I am happy to take a look and see if I can help you fix what is not working.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wesley,

I'd agree with Garth, it'll be easier to understand your set up if you're able to share your .story file here with us. You'll want to use the paperclip icon to attach it here. Also depending on how large your file is, it may exceed the upload limits of the forums (around 20mb I believe) you may want to place the .story file in a public Dropbox folder and share that link with us here. 

Miriam de Jonge

Hi - I was having the same problem but the solutions above didn't work.  I did figure out (almost by accident) a workaround so I'm documenting in case someone else comes across this thread and is in despair. :)

In my D&D I had a 'group' dropping onto a hotspot.  The group was a shape and text box and I wanted to keep it that way rather than a picture, to make translation easier and because the picture just didn't look as crisp.  I had the 'drop correct' and 'drop incorrect' states on one element in the group.  However, it was apparently that the custom submit button did not like grouped items.  (The inbuilt button worked fine.)

Thinking maybe that the group was the problem, I replaced one group reluctantly with a picture and tested it - lo and behold all the other groups worked when I did this!  So after much testing and retesting I figured out that having just one picture and hotspot meant everything else worked.  I created a dummy picture and hotspot and hid them and added them to the interaction.  The picture needed to be on the slide in an appropriate place, otherwise the other answers when randomized seem to fly everywhere out of place.  So I just hid the fake picture answer under one of the real answers (my hotspot is offscreen and that doesn't seem to matter).  Voila!

I expect this would probably mess up scoring but I'm using an manual scoring method so that didn't effect me.  Just a heads up on that.

Hope that helps someone one day!

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