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Jan 03, 2017

I created a custom survey that has individualized feedback for every question/response. If the user chooses A, it will show Layer A. Layer A then links to the next question. It's nothing complicated. The base layer contains the question and it uses radio buttons and a submit button to show the correct layer. 

I was hoping at the end to have a slide that would show their results.

        Question 1, you chose strongly agree.

I was thinking, for example, I could create a text variable for question 1. On the different layers, I could have a trigger linked to the next button modifying the value to whatever they chose.

Slide one has a question with 5 choices and 5 layers with 5 next buttons. Each button would have a trigger modifying the text to correspond to their choice.

      Example, If they chose "strongly agree," there would be a next button with a trigger set to adjust variable of Question1. I'd set it to value, and then I would type Strongly agree, when user clicks next button.  (I'd repeat this for the other layers)

 On the last page, I could just use a reference. "Question one, you chose %Question1%."

When I test this out, all I get is, "Question one, you chose                      .

Any clue what I may be doing wrong?


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