Custom timer stops on certain layers - Storyline 360

Hi, I have built a timer on my master slides that works great, except the timer stops on the majority of my slide layers and won't resume until I go onto the next slide. I have unclicked "pause timeline of base layer" on each of the slide layer properties. Any idea what may be going on and how to fix? Thank you!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kelly,

The problem occurs because you are hiding other layers when you open a new layer. This also hides the layer with your timer on it and so the time stops until your next slide appears and restarts the clock by showing the layer again.

In the attached version 2 of your SL file, to get round this, I have moved your timer to the base layer, which is never hidden. However, this means that you can't use your original technique of showing and hiding the timer layer every second to drive your clock. Instead, I have included a different method of setting up a timer in SL (one that is often used by others and one that I use all the time), where a shape (in this case a rectangle) is repeatedly moved along a one second motion path and each time it reaches the end of the path, the variable is incremented. As the rectangle sits just off to the side of the slide, it is not visible to the user.

I have retained your original variables and all of your other triggers so that the values for your timer are still calculated as they were before. If you have any queries, just get back to me.