Custom xAPI Statement Doesn't Work

Feb 11, 2022

I am trying to capture step-by-step learner actions in my course.  I am publishing my Storyline 360 file to "Report to an LMS - xAPI (Tin Can API)."  Then, I am running it in SCORM Cloud to see what data it reports. 

I've been successful adding custom text with triggers to send xAPI statement.  However, when I try to send a variable following the instructions here, nothing shows up on the data stream:  See the two attached images.  What am I doing wrong? 

Also, is there a way to send multiple variables in one custom xAPI statement with descriptive text identifying what each variable is?

Thanks for your help!


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Nancy Hyde

I realized that my mistake was that I wasn't selecting an object in the drop down list before clicking + xAPI, so the ID field was blank and the statement would not work.  See attached screenshot of correct way to respond to dialog box and a simple example of a storyline file that tracks clicking of a button.