Customer Success Manager Sending of Emails Problem

Mar 31, 2021

Whoa!  Throwing up the white flag!  Please, make it stop!  Nina Roper, Customer Success Manager, gate your communication.  I have received 12 emails in the span of a couple of hours on all manor of topics from Review 360, Rise 360, etc...  Someone needs to look at what is happening with the outbound email notifications.

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Tracy Carroll

I've also been bombarded with emails from Articulate this morning! I like to keep informed of new stuff, but this is ridiculous. I'm getting emails on a very beginner level---like telling me to download the apps, when I've been using Articulate apps for many years. 

Is unsubscribing from all Articulate emails the only way to stop the email frenzy?  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim and Tracy,

We’re so sorry that you received multiple emails from our team today. We made a mistake in our email programming, and unfortunately, our email system’s communication limits also failed. We’re digging in to make sure we don’t make mistakes like this again!

This issue didn’t affect your Articulate 360 subscription in any way. If you have any questions, please let me know. Happy to answer any questions, any time! Thanks for your understanding.

Tim Spaid

Thank you, Leslie.  Trust me when I say I love the helpful tips.  One was alerting users to the practical uses of Review 360.  In fact, I emailed back stating how much I enjoy using this capability. 

But then came additional emails, one after the other, and I knew something was out of whack.  It happens.