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May 22, 2020

Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can assist me with an step that I'm trying to address within Storyline. Keeping in mind with how David Anderson teaches the webinar session: What do I want to do and when do I want to do it?

I want the "Continue Button 1 to only show on the Slide Layer "Visited Customer Success Manager Learning Objectives" when the "state" of all three rectangles is "Visited" so the learner can click the Continue Button 1 to Jump to Slide "2.3 Customer Success Manager Summary."

However, I'm unable to get the Continue Button 1 to appear on the slide layer. Can someone please assist me in resolving this matter?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ree

take a look at the changes I've made.  You don't actually need that final layer as it is a repeat of the base layer - you can just change the continue button on the base layer to normal when all three buttons/layers have been visited. Check out the triggers I have on each layer when the user clicks the continue button to hide the layer - it also checks to see if each button has been visited and if so will change the Continue button on the base to normal.  This method means the user can click the  buttons in any order.

Ree Walker-Greer

Hi there Wendy -
Thank you again for your assistance: This method means the user can click the buttons in any order. However, for some roles, we want to explore having the user to select the buttons in a particular order.
1 - Record Activities and Task Types
2 - Add Activities as Favorites
3 - Access Historical Activity Recordings

Meaning, the user can't advanced to #2 or #3, unless they have visited #1. Upon visiting #1 the button will show Visited State, etc.... Are you able to provide any insight as to how I would force navigation for those particular roles?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Ree

Before you start I would make a chart of which roles need to do in specific order and which in any order - that would make it easier for you to combine triggers for roles.

Then create T/F variables for all the roles eg. role_CSM and default to False or create two variables 'specific order' and 'any order' and you could change these to true when the user clicks any of those roles.

If the role CSM has to do them in a specific order then on the slide with the 3 buttons you could set a trigger to change state of button 2 to disabled when timeline starts on this slide on condition CSM = true and the same trigger for button 3.

On the layers you would set a trigger to change state of button 2 to normal when timeline starts on button 1 layer, and change state of button 3 to normal when timeline starts on button 2 layer.

Have a go and if you get stuck send me your chart and I'll try and help you.

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