Customisation with HTML5

Hi all,  we are a company who make elearning content for children in Africa, we started out using Articulate Studio 9 and then moved away to a custom built engine and produce the content is flash (for lots of reasons, long story) but now we are re-evaluating.  I am keen to use story line 2, but need to understand how much we can customise.  One big concern in this area is whether we have total control over fonts. My understanding from reading about this is that when Flash content is created by Articulate, fonts can be embedded, but with HTML5 content created in Articulate there is no font support (whether this means custom fonts can’t be used at all, or simply can’t be embedded, I don’t know).   We would need to include for example special characters (created by us, for the African languages). Could this work in HTML5 output?    

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Clare,

Custom fonts aren't supported in variable references as detailed here, but the fonts themselves will be displayed across Flash and HTML5. You'll just want to ensure you use an HTML5 supported browser as detailed here.  For other considerations in HTML5, please review the comparison chart here.