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I have found that you can create custom bullets in Storyline, & that you are not limited by the default standard bullet point sets that are made available in the interface. Any character in any screen font set that is installed on your development machine can conceivably be used as a bullet - so long as it is a True Type font.

I was wondering about the way that the Flash and HTML5 builds store these fonts. I think I understand how a Flash build saves the fonts - it creates a "fonts.swf" repository for access to the screen font. 

Question 1: How does Storyline use custom fonts in HTML5 builds? Are they somehow turned into some sort of binary repository, like the Flash builds, or is some other method used? (I looked in an HTML5 build and did not see any fonts, which makes sense since these font sets might have multiple license holders, each of which would probably not appreciate unlicensed use of their products.) Or (gasp) ...

Question 2: If HTML5 builds, are you limited to standard fonts, and custom fonts will not work?

Question 2: If custom fonts are usable in both the Flash and HTML5 builds, could a developer conceivably build a font set of graphics - like corporate icons - and use these as bullets? (This question has its basis in another posting I saw here.)


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Learners shouldn't have any trouble viewing any font you use in published format. We essentially convert text to images upon publish, to avoid the need for local fonts.

The two quasi-exceptions this rule are:

  1. Custom fonts aren't supported for variable references in HTML5 or Articulate Mobile Player.
  2. If you send your .story project file to a fellow designer for editing purposes and they don't have the font installed on their machine, you'll run into trouble.

So you should be able to use other fonts or images as a part of your course in Flash or HTML5. Hope that helps!