Custom fonts in course published to HTML5

Oct 18, 2016

This is probably a simple question, but one who's answer I have not been able to find. I am building a course in Storyline 2 that is using a custom font (from my client's branding requirements). The course will be published for HTML5. Will the custom font be embedded in the published files so learners without the font on their tablets still see that custom font? Or is there something special that needs to be done? Or am I stuck using standard fonts like Ariel?


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Melissa Maher

I have a similar question to yours, Curtis. In creating a style guide for all modules for one client, we're choosing fonts to include, and I was of the mind that in order to create a consistent viewing experience for all/most learners, we'd choose web fonts (Google fonts). My question is two-fold. 1. Do we need to use embed code for web fonts, and if so, where do we insert the embed code?
2. If no embed code is necessary, will the HTML5 publish render this type as outlines or images? Will it not be identified as text by readers? Concerned about Section 508 compliance here.

Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa.  Text will render in the font that you've included in your project.  The font that you choose becomes embedded in the published output as part of the publishing process, so no additional work is needed from you to get those fonts to display properly.  The only area where those fonts potentially won't display is in variable reference text.

Screen readers will be able to identify and read your slide text, including variable references.  Screen readers are supported for both Storyline 2 (Flash output) and Storyline 360 (both Flash and HTML5 outputs).

Let us know if you see anything contrary, or if you have other questions!  ☺️

Sandra Leon

Hi there all,

I am having some issues with the FLEXO font that a proyect needs.  I want to know if there is a way to embed the font, I know that I don't need to embeed anything but there are problems that are preseting that make me ask for this embed action:

  • Users view the course in a Platform, when they view it, the letters change. Flexo turns into a group of symbols and the text are unreadable.
  • Users use to study: IE8 to IE11 and the font FLEXO changes a lot.

I don't work with variables and I also know (because I read this along the Articulare Forum) that Storyline 360 insert magically the fonts I use, buit I wanto to know if there is a good soul that knows how to embeed the font.  Please, I really need to know.

I also want to ask if there is a way to call a font family (Google-font type) from the .story file.  This is urgent please, so if anyone can help me it would be great!! :)

Thanks a lot! - Sandra Leon Palomino


Malin Carlsson

I have had a problem with my internal company fonts when producing, then "use modern fonts" have helped.  An during reviews when publishing there have been no problems. But now when when publishing my customer can´t see the information correctly, I´ve tried to re-publish but is is still the same! This is urgent!

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