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Jun 17, 2013


Can anyone please let me know what happens to custom fonts when a user's browser does not recognize that font? Specifically with HTML5?

For example - if our client wants to use the font family Articulate but one of their students had a computer that does not recognize that font, what happens? Does it display as-is, or does it default to another font, like Arial?

I found something about HTML5 output not supporting custom fonts or custom text in text entry boxes, but I don't see anything about this particular issue. Sorry if it's already been answered elsewhere.



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Nick Elkins

Thanks for the link, Leslie. Unfortunately, now I'm even more confused. In your post above, you said it wouldn't be an issue. But (assuming I'm reading that conversation right, and that's a big assumption) the conversation you linked to indicates there are substitute fonts that HTML5 uses. Is this true of HTML5 in general (not including Storyline output), or is it true of Storyline output as well?

Is there something in the javascript Storyline outputs that forces a learner's computer to display the correct font, even when it's not installed on their local machine? 

Sorry for the 20 questions - just trying to make a design decision for a client before we develop a ton of their content.


Justin Grenier

Hi, Nick.

Apologies for the confusing thread.  You can ignore everything except this statement:

Learners shouldn't have any trouble viewing any font you use in published format.  We essentially convert text to images upon publish, to avoid the need for local fonts.

The two quasi-exceptions this rule are:

  1. Custom fonts aren't supported for variable references in HTML5 or Articulate Mobile Player.
  2. If you send your .story project file to a fellow designer for editing purposes and they don't have the font installed on their machine, you'll run into trouble.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

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