Storyline 360 - Slide Fonts not embedding in HTML5

Dec 07, 2016

I am currently using a trial copy of Storyline 360 and running into some issues with the fonts I am using on slide content not being properly displayed in HTML5.

Originally, I had much of my content using Calibri font and found that many letter combinations were either showing up as square boxes, or as emoticons on Chrome for Windows PC, or Safari on iPhone and iPad (all current versions).  I changed up the font and tried Arial, Articulate, Open Sans and none of them showed up correctly when I published it to my web server and viewed it in either Chrome or the Apple devices.  What gets displayed appears to be a poorly rendered serif font, even though I have selected specific sans-serif fonts on my slides.

Is there a setting I should be using or be aware of that controls if the font used on my slides gets embedded for display in HTML5?  Do I need to limit myself to the Built-in Fonts from the Design toolbar?

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