Bullets and Numbering... Font Changes for Different Users

Jan 29, 2018

Hello all!

I've found an inconsistency between the display font of a Bullet and Numbered item. The version that I am viewing displays the numbers list in Open Sans, but when the SME  views the same published content, it displays as a serif font.

*see below*

Does anyone have an insight on how to force Bullet and Numbered items to be displayed as Open Sans (or any specific chosen font)?

Thank you!

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Joshua Gilbreath

Hello! I have tested the module in, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, just on Windows 10 PCs. The one difference that I can easily identify was that I have been opening the published file from a shared network drive, as the SME was copy the published folder to her local Desktop and proofing it from there. Thanks for the relpy!

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