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May 08, 2012

Ok I'm excited - Storyline is out and I am set to pick it up and wave it in front of my bosses face until they agree to get it. I figure just saying that it will allow me to create software simulations/demonstrations without having to use a separate program should do it. That alone should save a considerable amount of time.

Before I do this however I need to know one thing - Presenter has always limited me to the size a slide and therefore an inserted flash video can be. This has meant I have had to have video's open in a new window because I can't reduce the size of the software I'm simulating (in house software). I don't like doing this, it breaks continuity.

So my question is, can I adjust the size of the module (not just powerpoint slide size) and what is the largest an inserted flash video can be width x height wise? If someone tells me it isn't limited I will go tackle my boss right now!

On a side-note, can you make the navigation pane hide when not in use, and just appear when the user hovers over it. Somewhat like the task bar in windows?

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Tom Kuhlmann
James Brandwood

Thanks Tom for the quick reply.

Am I right to assume that captured and inserted screenshots/video can be any size that is equal or less of the size of the selected project size?

What would be really great is if you could have a standard project size for most of the slides and have it expand out for just the flash videos that are larger. That way the whole module wouldn't have to be so big and for the most part could be the nice 720x540 size.

As for the Menu I guess you could also use layers to make your own menu (so module would diplay in slide only view) and use layers to make it appear when you click or hover over a particular point. Time consuming but could be worth it visuals wise.

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