Customize Link Styles?


Wondering if anyone knows this one. Is it possible to customize the Hyperlink style in Storyline? I have numerous hyperlinks in my current e-learning course I'm building, and the style is not very attractive with the course look and feel. (Specifically, can the link color be changed?)

I'm familiar with CSS style sheets, but cannot locate them in the file structure. Can I change the link style in a CSS style sheet somewhere?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alex,

Can't answer your question about style sheets. Just wanted to point out that the Hyperlink color is controlled by the Design theme, which can be accessed by clicking the Design tab on the ribbon and then the Colors drop-down. When you create a new theme, it starts out the same as whatever the current theme is. You can edit any themes you've created.

Not sure that will work for you, but in case you weren't aware of it, thought I'd throw it out here.