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Mike B.

Not sure if I figured it out, just found a workaround... Very odd little app we have here.

SL also doesn't like to resize itself if moved from one monitor to another. If I open on my monitor with my taskbar, and move it to another screen, it won't resize as if the taskbar is still there. All of my screens are the same resolution.

Mike B.

Unlock your Windows taskbar and drag it up the screen a bit, so that it is larger than normal. Launch Storyline. Try dragging the SL window from one monitor to another.

This is what does on my PC: If SL originated on the monitor with the taskbar, and is dragged to a monitor without a taskbar, the SL window retains its original size and is difficult to get to fill the entire screen. If SL originated on the monitor that does not have the taskbar, and I try to drag it while maximized to the monitor with the taskbar, it won't even dock there but remains on the original monitor.

Once again, this may be somewhat of a rare working environment because I often have multiple instances of SL open so that I can copy elements from one project to another.

I've never seen any other app do this, so I'm guessing its not my PC.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike! I appreciate you sharing the details. I can see where on first pass it wants to retain the previous size, but a simple double click adjustment alleviates this for me. I'm not seeing the same thing with other programs though, like you mentioned. I will share this with our team for further review.