Customizing Drag and Drop

I am trying to create a drag and drop interaction whereby users drag a statement that appears on the slide to the appropriate one of three categories. I have eigt different statements that come in one time. The challenge is that once they select the correct category, the statement sits on top of the drop zone (category) makig it difficult to read. What  would like to do is have the statement dissapear or be hidden so it doesn't cover the category titles when the next statement appears on the slide.  Any ideas on how to create that or would another design work better?  Thanks for your help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Dohn!

One option would be to change the position of the "snap" for the answers that are dropped. You can do this by editing the Drag-and-Drop question and by changing the options for "Drop Target Options". For example, if you have the category text in the center and use the "Stack Offset" option, this may place the statement over the category text. However, this may depend on how much text you're providing in the statement and how much text you have on the target itself. 

Another option would be to use some states and triggers for the drop objects. For example, if you want to hide the statements entirely when they're dropped on the target, you could use a trigger to change the state of that statement to "Hidden" when the object is dropped on object 1, 2, 3, etc.

Here's a quick example of how you could set up the trigger:

I'm also attaching a very quick example project, just in case something like this might work for you.

I hope this helps!

Dohn Bower


You are so clever. I figured there must be a way to use triggers and states to get wht I wanted, I just couldn't get there on my own.  I will definitely use the demo you created.  Another low-tech work around I did was to match the category shape fill color with the font color of the statements so when they dragged and dropped the statement on the correct category, it disapeared from view. I had to enlarge the category shapes and align the category titles to the top, but it worked too.  Your solution is exactlyu what I was looknig for.  Thanks!!