customizing in-built menu?

Hi All,

I have already browsed through few of tutorials/ videos available on this site but couldn't found the solution.

I like the in-built menu of the Articulate storyline player. It has nice functionalities like drop-down panel (when menu button placed on either left or right top bar), collapsible/ expandable hierarchical menu elements, restricted navigation. I need all these features in my course player but additionally I need to add following features to menu.

- Menu button on bottom bar

- visited status icon (a green tick mark before topic names in menu)

- Different font, color, style for the menu element text

Is it possible to customize the in-built menu to have these functionalities? If not what are the workarounds available. I read about using lightboxes to create custom menu. I can use lightbox but how to create collapsible/ expandable hierarchical menu elements in it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there, MK!

With a lightbox, you won't be able to make it expandable/collapsible through a tab or an actual player element. Even if you created a tab in the player for the lightbox, it would still open in a new window so it wouldn't truly have the same appearance as a normal menu. 

I'm afraid you won't be able to add the elements you're wanting to a built-in feature. But, perhaps you could make your own menu? You could even do this on a Master slide, so it appears on all of your slides. If you match the color and design of the player elements you're using, it would appear to be a part of the player. 

For example, if you want the menu to open from the bottom, you could use some of the space at the base of the slide to make what appears to be a button or tab on the player. Using triggers, animations and/or layers you could create the effect of a menu expanding and collapsing. 

Just an idea, though! Good luck with the project :)