Customizing Review Quiz options

Feb 04, 2013

When reviewing a quiz, is it possible to show correct/incorrect icons only after the max. number of attempts has been reached and/or the quiz has been passed?

For example:

I have a short quiz (10 questions). The learner must reach a passing score (70%) in order to successfully complete the course for credit. The learner has 3 tries to reach the passing score. I don't want the learner to see the correct answer during quiz review unless the maximum number of attempts has been reached and/or the quiz has been "passed." Is this possible? 

I can turn off/on the ability to "Retry " the quiz; but can't seem to change when the correct/incorrect icons appear. 

Any ideas?

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Catherine Conley

I answered my own question. In case anyone wonders how I did this. 

- Base slide layer does not have the "Review Quiz" or "Retry Quiz buttons.

- Added "Review Quiz" button to the success layer - checked the option to show correct/incorrect options 

- Added the "Retry Quiz" button to the failure layer 

- created a variable called "max-attempts"

- set the retry quiz button to increase max attempts by one upon click

- created a new layer and named it max attempts reached. Added the "review quiz" button to this new layer

- set the slide to show the max attempts reached layer when the variable max attempts reached my limit. 

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