Customizing Text Boxes?

Jun 09, 2021

Hi all,

Is there a way to customize a Textbox or even import one?

I am working on an interaction where the learner types an email based on a given scenario. It would be great if I can present an email theme where the learner will type their response in an email window textbox.

Lastly, is there a way to customize the font/ size of text and also ensure the learner has enough space to type their response in the textbox?  Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Dan, 

Text-entry field can be reformatted, just like other textboxes. So you can adjust the font and its size, change the fill and border, edit the margins, etc. 

If you want it to look like an email, just add other textboxes and shapes to make it look that way. 

As for "enough space": If you've got Storyline 360, the new formatting features include an option so the text box will automatically add a scroll bar when the text exceeds the defined space. You can find more info about that here: 

Dan Gladstone

Hi Judy,

Thanks. I appreciate it!

I will check out that link.

As for the textbox resembling an Email window, I did attempt to add textboxes, etc. To make it resemble one, however, I realized maybe there is an icon available or even I can import an image of an email window (screenshot) and use that.