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Jul 26, 2012

Hi All,

Does anyone know a way to customize the Navigation Restriction even further.

In the player I have set up now I have set the Navigation Restriction to 'restricted', which is great already, but I would like to further customize it.

My menu looks a bit like this:

Chapter 1

  Paragraph 1

  Paragraph 2

Chapter 2

  P 1


C 3



Now I want learners to be able to view the current slide and any slide they've previously viewed, but they can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides. No the addition I want to this, is that learners will always be able to skip to Chapter 3. Even if they haven't previously viewed it or the slides in between.

Looking forward to your solutions.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Chris! With the menu navigation restriction in Storyline, there's not really a way to allow learners to click certain titles in the menu but not others. The menu restriction is all-or-nothing.

However, one idea is this: You could put your chapter 3 content in a separate scene, remove that scene from your sidebar menu, and place it as a lightbox on the top bar of your player instead. That way, learners can access it from the top bar of the player, any time they want.

Attached is an example. Does this fit what you're looking for?

Jeanette Brooks

Yeah for something like this, I'd probably change the scene titles to something other than "chapter 1, chapter, 2, etc." ... because with a chronological numbering like that, it might seem confusing to the learner that you've got the first 2 chapters in the menu and the 3rd chapter on the player's top bar. Maybe you could rename the scenes so that they're more content-specific, and at the beginning of the course, explain how the scene in the top bar can be accessed any time but the other stuff needs to be experienced in a linear way.

Chris Smit


Jeanette, the menu labels 'chapter' and 'paragraph' were just for the are right, that would be confusing. I do use more content-specific labels.

Gerry, you are right too. I am also using a custom button on some slides too. But I wanted to have both possibilities (so also the customized menu navigation) and the solution Jeanette wrote works perfect.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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