Daisy chaining projects

Sep 23, 2012

Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to daisy chain projects as in Captivate. Thanks

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Gerry Wasiluk

If each project requires its own tracking, that may not work in a LMS.  Normally, you can't track a module that is  launched by another.  Modules often have to be launched by the LMS individually.

I'd look at doing multi-modules in AICC or SCORM instead--or if the LMS allows you to set up multiple modules somehow with a course.

Jeff C

Yes LMS, but is it possible???? My original plan was a single project but it appears that is a none starter with SL. There would need to be some control of quiz results and a final pass/fail built into the menu page. Can it be done??? The project could then be any size you want with easily replaceable modules - grief I am getting carried away now.

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