Darken Selection in Pick Many


I added a Pick Many option to one of my slides but noticed it's difficult to see which options were chosen. I can barely make out a light glow off the item selected, but that's only because I'm looking for it. 

Is there any way to change the behavior of selected items in a Pick Many so it's more obvious they've been selected--greying them out, highlighting them, etc.?

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Heather Vogt

Thanks for the quick response. Where do I go to change the selected state? I don't see that in Form View, and I don't see it in Format Picture. I can change the glow of the object in its Natural state but don't see an option to manipulate the appearance of the item, an image, when it's selected. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Heather

the selected state is in the states tab (one the panels at the bottom of the stage - Timeline, States, Notes). Click the states tab > edit states then highlight the selected state and make your changes > done editing states. Once you have done the first one you should be able to select the format painter in the ribbon and paste the formatting to your other objects.