data entry boxes need normal/hidden states

I don't know if this is a feature that can be changed or not, but it would be nice to have the ability to show/hide a data entry box. I'm creating a project where the learner will select an applicable appliance, enter the BTU and have the course add up the total. Once the data entry box for the BTU is displayed (I have each one on its own layer, but that's not the issue), there is no way to "reset" the slide so that the data entry box does not show.

If this can be changed to allow show/hide states like other objects, that would be very helpful, thanks.

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Laurel Thomas

My apologies. I have since discovered that I have to make the checkbox state to "not Selected" instead of "is Normal" for this to work. I was having an issue hiding a data entry box on a layer by hiding the layer -- I thought the fact that the data entry box doesn't have states was the problem. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

In the attached example, the first one, Central heater is set to hide layer when state of checkbox is Normal. The second one, Dryer works when the state of checkbox is set to not Selected. Who knew there was such a big difference and that it doesn't hide the layer on the other states! =0

Jeff Nauman

Hope this is the right place to post this, but seems to be close to what I'm looking for and I can't find other references. I need to have the user enter data in 7 separate text data entry fields on a form on a single slide layer. I want a 'Continue' button to appear only after all data entries have been made. To do this, I'd need the data entry fields to be assigned 'visited' or 'selected' states, but unable to assign states to them like I can with a normal text box. Is there another way to do this?

Phil Mayor

You dont need a state to do this you could set a trigger based on the variable value, You could use change state of continue button to normal (from hidden) when variable adjusted, with 7 conditions that variable1, 2, etc not equal to null (leave the value blank, if they are numbers choose 0).

Jeff Nauman

Hmmm...created 'varcomplete' and set 'varcomplete' = false. Set 'varcomplete'=true when text entry ACNO is NOT=NULL. Gave button initial condition 'hidden' and trigger to 'normal' when 'varcomplete' changes from false to true. OK- that works, but as soon as I add the second text entry field 'datez' condition also NOT=NULL for 'varcomplete'=true, the button stays hidden even when both fields are NOT=NULL. Remove the 'datez' NOT=NULL condition from the list and it works again.

Phil Mayor

OK, I will try.  When looking at triggers they only fire because something is happening e.g. when clicked, when timeline starts etc

The only one that is actively listening is the when variable changes.

In your example you could also use when control loses focus.

If you want to use the T/F example it will work but you will need a trigger on each text box, for either control loses focus or variable changes to fop the T/F to T with conditions for all the other textboxes.  You would then need a trigger to change to continue button from hidden to normal.  So in your example you have 1 more trigger and 1 more variable.  There is nothing wrong with this, and it would work, I just think my way was more elegant

So in reality nothing wrong with your logic, I just approached it a different way (I also built  a much simpler example)

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