Data entry not selecting text

Feb 19, 2020

I see the latest update to Storyline 360 fixed some data entry bugs, but I am still experiencing one of the issues on mobile:

Fixed: We fixed a few issues with data-entry fields. Learners had to click a data-entry field before they could type a response. In some cases, they couldn't select the default text before typing a response. Text didn't always scroll when it was longer than the data-entry field.

When I select a data entry field on mobile, the cursor appears at the beginning of the text. If I type, it just insert characters in front of the default text, instead of overwriting. I can't get the cursor to highlight the text in order to delete it, or even position it at the end of the text in order to backspace to delete it.

Until the latest fix, I had the same issue on PC, but now that appears to be fixed.

I am using Chrome on an Android phone.

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