Can you clear a text entry field on click?

Is there a way to set the text entry field to erase the visible variable when the user click into the text entry space? I have it set to say "Type your response here" in the text entry field, and our testing group finds it irritating that you have to delete that text first before being able to type your own. 


Thanks Heroes! 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sarah,

What browser or environment are they viewing this in? The last few times I've checked when I click in it I do feel like it cleared out the text field and the user could just start typing. If you've got a course set up you'd like us to check feel free to share a link to it here or a copy of the .story.

Sarah MacDonald

I've solved this. 

My problem was that, since I'm using multiple text entry fields in one module, I customized the variable name from the default "TxtEntry1" to "TextEntry1a" and then "TextEntry1b" and so on. Storyline doesn't like that change. I used their default values of "TextEntry1" and "TextEntry2"  and now magically the text will disappear when I click. 

Leslie McKerchie

Well Sarah, you almost stumped me.

Your slide view looks like this:

Yet the preview looked like this:

I couldn't re-create the behavior with a new text entry box of course.

Took a look at your variables, and found the culprit:

If you remove that default value, the box works as you intend. 

Hope that helps.

Thanks for allowing me to take a look.