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Oct 24, 2012

Is there away to allow text entry fields to reset to their default, "Type your answer here..." state? Even with slides set to "Reset to initial state", the text entry fields remain populated with whatever text the user input live.


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Douglas Harriman

Hi Phil,

Thanks!  Here's how I got that trigger to work. 'A' was the variable I assigned to my text entry field.

And the one thing I noticed is that you have to set this up as a slide trigger (so don't have anything selected in your slide before clicking the create new trigger button) - when I tried setting this up as a text entry trigger, it didn't work.

Cheers and now on to my other text entry question,


Don Adams

Clearing  text entry also has me going in circles.  Douglas, your method works for me as far as clearing test but  a problem arises that I have not been able to solve.  I have a slide with an image on it; the image has 5 items for the student to identify.  After they type into 5 text entry lines, they can click on a "check answer" button.  So far so good, as the method above provided by you clears the text boxes when I leave and return.  However now the return takes me back to the layer with the responses (does not wait for the user to hit the check answer button).  Changing  the "when revisiting" to all three settings does not seem to make a difference,

Blair Rorani

I complete my scene then hyperlink back to slide #2.I have added a slide trigger to set the text entry field's variable to ' ' when timeline starts.However, my text entry field is then unselectable. Also, next / prev buttons are now visible. When I click them the previously entered values appear.Any ideas?

Josh Uhlig


Assuming you have made it a quiz question, it sounds like it is a matter of the quiz question settings.  By default, once a question has been submitted, the answer can't be changed.  Although some question types will allow you to change the number of attempts your text entry question may only allow one attempt.  This is why you see the next and previous button, and the submit button has disappeared.  You would need to reset the quiz results before being able to change the answer.

Darren Sutton

I have a similar issue to that of Blair above, (when timeline starts my text entry field is then unselectable), but mine is slightly different in that I am using a text entry field within a screen record.

I have a screen recording of a process that the viewer will click through.  Apply, Ok that type of thing but I also have them enter a username and password.  On the first pass through the slides it works perfectly but at the end I offer the ability to replay.  It is on the second pass that the fields become uneditable/unselectable.

Following the steps in this thread has cleared the fields of the previous data and the triggers have been applied to the slide.  Is it possible to reset these type of fields?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Darren,

Just curious - have you tried setting the revisiting settings for the slide with the text field (in your recording) to "Reset to initial state"?

Using that option should completely reset and reload the slide that contains the text entry, allowing learners to enter text again. 

If you haven't already, can you try that out and let us know if you see any improvement? 

If you still have trouble, are you able to share the .STORY file here?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison,

I'm sorry to hear that you've run into this issue as well. Are you able to share a copy of your .story file here with us so that we can take a look? You can attach it here using the paperclip icon, and the forums have an upload limit of about 20 mbs so you may want to strip it down to just a few slides and share here. You can always import those slides into a new project using the method described here.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Allison,

It's true you reset the slides to their initial state, but variables must be reset separately. I've done this for you two different ways.

On slide 1.2 I added a trigger to adjust (reset) the text entry variable to "type your test here" when the timeline starts. That's what the text entry box (#29) looks like the first time around. This DOES cause the text to be highlighted when Learners type init.

On slides 1.3 an 1.4 I added triggers to adjust the text entry variables (#65 and #31) to blank when the timeline starts.

You also have a LOT of text entry variables in the trigger wizard that aren't currently being used by this slide...just a heads up.

Elise  Soto


I'm dealing with similar problems as those above. After they have finished the interaction the first time I want to give them the option to return and practice a second time. 

I am able to set the variables properly but my issue is that the text entry box displays a number and sometimes a few descriptive words to help the user choose the correct part of the diagram. As it is, when they click the text box the number/text disappears on it's own so that they can type their answer.  I've set it up so that their original entries are cleared, however the numbers/descriptive text is also cleared. If i click into the text box then click elsewhere on the slide then the number/text appears. So the second time they attempt the interaction they no longer are given enough information to complete it correctly unless they click around a few times. Is this normal? Or is there something else I can do to correct this?

If I include this as part of the variable trigger (rather than set it to 'blank') then that causes the text entry box to work differently in that they must delete the text before entering their answer, even on their first run through the interaction. 

Is there a way to set it so that they can return a second time and complete the interaction in exactly the same manner as their first attempt? The interaction has 3 main parts and I'd really like them to be able to return to each part individually to continue practicing.

I've attached a shortened version with the slides in question. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elise,

Thanks for sharing your file here. When reattempting a quiz, the previous answer will still be visible and accessible to the users, so that's why you're seeing the information stay upon the return. If they delete the answer the previous text is not automatically brought back as you've seen - but if they click outside the text entry they'll see the prompt again. This is by design of the questions - so perhaps you'll want to look at including the direction text outside of the text entry?

Salim Mohammad

Hi guys,

I did not find any solution in the above solutions or example.

Actually I have lots of slides with lots of text boxes, and I want to reset them with very less effort. Is there any solution for it, except adding trigger one by one for each text box? Can we do this multiple task with external JavaScript code?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Salim,

A text entry doesn't have states - so perhaps instead you could look at adding a shape surrounding the text entry that initially has a state of hidden? You could change it's state to normal based on the user interaction you mentioned and then just ensure that the shape's normal state is transparent so that the user can still see the text entry box, but just can no longer click within it.